7 Life Hacks How to Make Your Skin Appear Younger

Let’s imagine a party starts 3 hours later, but it’s not your best day. You did not sleep well last night, you had a stressful day, and you badly need a holiday. You have under-eye bags and look exhausted. And you want to cry and stay home. Don’t do this! Here we gathered 7 super powerful life-hacks how to make your skin appear younger shortly.

7 Steps to Refresh Your Look for a Party

  1. 30-minute rest with your eyes closed.

Lie down and close your eyes. It is better not to lie on your bed but the floor on a hard couch. It will prevent you from falling asleep and is also good for your spine. You may choose to do this in complete darkness or with soft lighting but avoid glaring light. You may have some calm background music, but silence is better. Relax your body part by part, starting from feet to the top of your head. Relax your mind. Let your troubles go away. Imagine something that you enjoy.  It is better to use a timer when doing this.

  1. Stand up and have a 10-minute contrast shower.

Alternating hot and cold shower improves your circulation and tone up your skin. If you are not accustomed to cold water, try at least for a short time.

  1. Peeling or scrub.

You need to exfoliate dead cells and make your face fresh, smooth, and shiny. For this, use any mild peeling or scrub if you prefer mechanical cleaning and it fit your skin. You can add a fingerful of baking soda for better sheen. And don’t experiment. If you have a new product you never tried before, keep it for later.

  1. Ice cubes for your face.

Rub your face, including under-eye areas, with some ice to clarify the effect of a contrast shower.

  1. Instant face-lift serum.

Quick-action serums are also often called wrinkle erasers. They may contain acid complex, retinol, caffeine. If you have one, it’s great! They are meant for such occasions. Your facial skin will immediately look tighter and plumper. If you don’t have instant face-lift serum, use any hydrating product you have. Let the skin absorb it, and then it’s time for make-up.

  1. Make-up primer.

Primers are makeup bases with silicones that smoothen your face and prepare it for makeup. They minimize skin pores, add some gloss to your appearance, and help makeup stay longer. We don’t recommend you to wear it every day, but when you want to look stunningly, fresh, and young, it’s salvation.

  1. Under-eye concealer.

Concealer can help you to mask dark circles, but be careful when choosing it. It should match perfectly to your skin tone and type. Otherwise, it may flake and crease.

You are ready for the party. And don’t forget smiling: it never can spoil your skin!


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