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Caffeine for Your Skin

Caffeine for Your Skin: Pros and Cons Drinking coffee dehydrates your skin, worsen skin tone, and triggers stress responses, but caffeine and other components of coffee are widely used in beauty products. How is it possible? Let’s investigate the case. Benefits of Coffee                                                 Many chemicals found in coffee are variously good for your body. […]

Power of Herbs

Power of Herbs: Your Natural Skin Care Along with innovative chemical ingredients, herbal components remain essential in beauty products.  Natural skincare time proved to be effective. Before women prepared herbal balms and lotions themselves, but now plant extracts added to many advanced skincare products. Here you can find not an exhaustive list of plant ingredients used in […]

Photoaging: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Photoaging: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Unlike chronological aging, photoaging of the skin is not a natural process. It is skin damage that happens because of prolonged skin exposure to the sun, specifically UVB and UVA rays. More than 70% of visible signs of aging are caused by UV-radiation. You can use anti-aging creams every day, […]

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