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Everyday Skin Care Routine without Overdoing

Are you ready to spend 2 hours a day for skincare? We do not say that 10-, 12-, or 16-step skincare routine is bad. Do you just think it is possible to make it simpler?  We do not say you should not have 15, 20, or 30 jars and tubes with different skincare products in your bathroom. We just think 4-5 items may be enough. What do you necessarily need?

The Everyday Skin Care Routine:

  1. Cleansing.

Good news: soap is back in style! It is not necessary to use special gels, foams, etc. to clean your face, BUT if you wear makeup or have dry and/or sensitive skin, cleansing milk is highly recommended. Clarifying tonic after cleaning is optional.

Extra options: exfoliating products 1-2 times a week.

Tip: wash your hands carefully before touching your face.

  1. Hydrating and protecting.

You can combine them into one product. Ask your cosmetologists for advice. Many creams have a universal formula. Make sure that your day cream has UV-protection.

And we suggest having two separate products for the face and around the eye areas. The delicate skin under the eyes requires lighter textures, though if you have the same skin type all over the face and your eyes are not sensitive, you may use your facial cream under the eye as well.

Extra options: Serums are also essential for instant and effective hydration. You may use them as needed. In case of seriously dehydrated skin, include serum into your daily routine.

Tip: Do not forget to apply your facial cream to the neck.

  1. Nourishing.

At the very least, you can use the same cream in the daytime and at night, but we recommend two. Day creams normally target protection, while night creams prioritize nourishment. They normally have heavier texture and are meant to penetrate deeper.

Extra options: Nourishing masks once a week.

Tip: Always use day and night care products from one line, as the manufacturers normally balance their range to be compatible.

  1. Body care.

One product for all parts of the body is enough unless you want special cream for bust and décolleté areas. They have specific ingredients that target those areas but do not work with others.

Brief Summary

At a minimum, you need 5 beauty products: cleanser, day cream, eye cream, night cream or balm, and body cream.

Using them hardly will take more than 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.

On top of that, we advise exfoliating products (scrub or peeling), hydrating serum, nourishing masks, and bust cream. With them, you can add an extra half of an hour a week. All in all, 3 hours a week!

And the last tip: If you want to change your daily care products, it is better to change lines but not single products. Otherwise, some creams can be incompatible, and you also will not be able to understand which skincare line works better.

Photoaging: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Unlike chronological aging, photoaging of the skin is not a natural process. It is skin damage that happens because of prolonged skin exposure to the sun, specifically UVB and UVA rays. More than 70% of visible signs of aging are caused by UV-radiation. You can use anti-aging creams every day, but all of them are useless unless you protect your skin from the sun.

Signs of Photoaging  

Many issues associated with natural aging, indeed, caused by the sun or, rarely, artificial sources of UV-radiation. Signs of photoaging include all or some of these problems:

How Sun Rays Damage Our Skin

UVB-rays are mostly responsible for surface damage to the skin. They cause sunburns and damage cells of the inner layer of the skin, the epidermis. In fact, they change the DNA structure of the skin cells and activate a gene responsible for aging. Potentially, these changes might cause cancer.

UVA-rays can penetrate deeper, into the second layer of the skin, the dermis. They destroy collagen, which causes a defensive reaction of the skin when it tries to self-restore and starts producing more elastin. This process leads to the synthesis of enzyme metalloproteinases that, in turn, boosts the production of collagen. That might sound good but, indeed, it makes the skin thicker and leathery and contributes to the formation of wrinkles and, later, deep creases.

Prevention of Photoaging

The best way to avoid premature signs of aging is prevention. You should daily protect your skin from harmful sunrays with, at least, SPF-25 sunscreens. Finding a day cream that protects both from UVB and UVA rays might be a challenge, but it is important, as most of the visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles, fine lines, and creases are caused by UVA.

In addition to sunblocks, you can use other ways to protect your skin from the sun rays:

How to Treat Photoaging

If your skin is already impaired by UV-radiation and you have skin roughness, dark spots and wrinkles, there are some recommendations on how to improve your skin condition and, if not to reverse photoaging, at least, to stop it and eliminate the visible signs.

If you never fail to protect your skin and include these products to your daily skincare routine, you have a good chance to slow down visible signs of aging for years.

5 Foods That Are Bad for Your Skin

We wrote before which foods are good for your skin, and now we want to tell you about foods that can ruin your skin if you are stuck to them.

List of 5 Foods That Are Bad:

  1. Processed meats and fried foods

Processed meats are sausages, ham, salami, any smoked or cured meat, canned meat, salted meat, dried meat, and any other type of meats that undergone preservation with some kinds of chemicals, including salt.

Why processed meats bad for your skin? Mostly, all of these products contain much sodium and can cause water retention that leads to swelling. So, if you have got puffy bags under your eyes after you enjoyed a feast of salami and smoked bacon, you can blame sodium. Research has also shown that preservatives can contribute to oxidation that causes cell damage and premature aging.

  1. Refined carbs

Refined carbohydrates are all kinds of refined and processed sugars and refined grains. There are a few reasons why these products are bad for the skin.

Lack of fibers. Fibers improve digestion and help to maintain healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugar. Lack of fibers causes congestion in bowels, producing bad bacteria and killing good bacteria. Through it, the body gets intoxicated, which leads to inflammations and can result in acne or skin irritation.

Increased sugar levels. Eating much food high in refined sugars triggers sugar and insulin spikes. Excessive blood sugar stimulates a process called glycation, in which portions of sugars build into molecules of proteins and transform them into AGEs (advanced glycation end-products). Lack of healthy proteins causes skin aging.

Additionally, such refined carbs as doughnuts, cakes, and other pastry contain much fat and can boost sebum (skin oil) production. 

  1.  Mayonnaise is rich in omega-6 that is considered “unhealthy fat”, and it may cause overproduction of oil that, in turn, blocks pores and induce acne. Industrially produced, mayonnaise also contains preservatives and falls into the category of processed foods, with all their downsides. If you adhere to this product, opt for a homemade version with a healthier choice of oils and no preservatives.
  2. Spicy food

It was found empirically that the worsening of skin appearance is often related to spices. Eating spicy food leads to excessive heat, and it may provoke inflammation, acne, and other skin conditions.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol is allergenic, and it dehydrates skin and destroys proteins. When mixed with sugar, it also bears all the evils of sugars we described above. If you thirsty for some pleasant sensations produced by alcohol beverages, a glass of red vine is the best option.

Media Standards Make You Want To Reduce Your Skin Pores

Tabloid covers, perfectly made using Photoshop, make celebrities think no pores and create media standards.  And you go crazy with smooth skin without a single pore.

Forget it is just a glamorous dream. And by the way, there is already another fashion trend: popular Instagram photographers publish more and more photos with natural looking faces, and they are not afraid to show rough texture and pores on the skin.

If you still remember this pore-free skin standard, you may have to know a few things.

You cannot remove skin pores or even make them smaller!

Never. The pores are natural, and they help lubricate your skin, serving as channels for the release of oil to the surface. And the oil is all right. Oil protects our skin from environmental factors.

There are several periods in our lives when pores become more visible.

Puberty and the period after it (12-25)

Young people often suffer from acne and excessive amounts of oil secreted by the glands, which is caused by hormonal processes in the body. Excess oil must be removed, so the pores become wider. During this period, young people should thoroughly clean their skin so that the oil does not block pores and does not cause acne. Masks for narrowing pores are recommended here, as pores that are expanded for a long time may no longer shrink after the end of this complex hormonal period.

Pore ​​enlargement at the age of 35-40 years

At this age, enlarged pores are signs that your skin is starting to age. It loses elasticity, becomes thinner and friable, and pores are found. They simply open, because the skin is not as dense as before. And at this point, it’s useless to do anything with pores alone: ​​all you can do is help your skin resist aging and stay fresh, fit and more supple. You must fight for sustainability. Soft chemical peels can succeed.

Thus, your daily skin care, including cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing, would rather help than products to minimize pores. When the skin is healthy, the pores also appear smaller. Excessive pore-reducing foods that commonly extract oil can make your skin dry.

oily pores and on the surface a young Asian man does not care for facial skin for a long time

How pore narrowing products work

If a product claims to erase or reduce pores, this is not true. It can only make them seem smaller. So, we are talking about pore minimizers. They can be divided into:

The latter can give only a visual effect, while the first two are pore minimizers only by name: they are just like many other skin care products! Thus, we see no reason to have a special solution to minimize pores.

7 Life Hacks How to Make Your Skin Appear Younger

Let’s imagine a party starts 3 hours later, but it’s not your best day. You did not sleep well last night, you had a stressful day, and you badly need a holiday. You have under-eye bags and look exhausted. And you want to cry and stay home. Don’t do this! Here we gathered 7 super powerful life-hacks how to make your skin appear younger shortly.

7 Steps to Refresh Your Look for a Party

  1. 30-minute rest with your eyes closed.

Lie down and close your eyes. It is better not to lie on your bed but the floor on a hard couch. It will prevent you from falling asleep and is also good for your spine. You may choose to do this in complete darkness or with soft lighting but avoid glaring light. You may have some calm background music, but silence is better. Relax your body part by part, starting from feet to the top of your head. Relax your mind. Let your troubles go away. Imagine something that you enjoy.  It is better to use a timer when doing this.

  1. Stand up and have a 10-minute contrast shower.

Alternating hot and cold shower improves your circulation and tone up your skin. If you are not accustomed to cold water, try at least for a short time.

  1. Peeling or scrub.

You need to exfoliate dead cells and make your face fresh, smooth, and shiny. For this, use any mild peeling or scrub if you prefer mechanical cleaning and it fit your skin. You can add a fingerful of baking soda for better sheen. And don’t experiment. If you have a new product you never tried before, keep it for later.

  1. Ice cubes for your face.

Rub your face, including under-eye areas, with some ice to clarify the effect of a contrast shower.

  1. Instant face-lift serum.

Quick-action serums are also often called wrinkle erasers. They may contain acid complex, retinol, caffeine. If you have one, it’s great! They are meant for such occasions. Your facial skin will immediately look tighter and plumper. If you don’t have instant face-lift serum, use any hydrating product you have. Let the skin absorb it, and then it’s time for make-up.

  1. Make-up primer.

Primers are makeup bases with silicones that smoothen your face and prepare it for makeup. They minimize skin pores, add some gloss to your appearance, and help makeup stay longer. We don’t recommend you to wear it every day, but when you want to look stunningly, fresh, and young, it’s salvation.

  1. Under-eye concealer.

Concealer can help you to mask dark circles, but be careful when choosing it. It should match perfectly to your skin tone and type. Otherwise, it may flake and crease.

You are ready for the party. And don’t forget smiling: it never can spoil your skin!

What Are Free Radical, and How Antioxidants Help to Fight Them

Antioxidants are active substances included in many cosmetics products. They are body protectors and fighters of free radicals. But why does our body need protection? And what is free radical?

Free Radical

Oxygen does an excellent job for our bodies. It comes with air and transforms glucose from food into energy through a process we call oxidation. In this process, oxygen splits into atoms with unpaired electrons. These atoms are free radicals, and they are natural waste products of metabolism. Free radicals tend to steal electrons from other molecules and those molecules, in turn, become free radicals, and this chain reaction produces more and more free radicals. To some extent, this is a normal metabolic process, and all the waste products excreted from the body.

The problem starts when the body is not able to eliminate all the waste products for some reason. One of the reasons may be a lack of antioxidants. In this case, free radicals start destroying proteins, healthy cells, and DNA. This is called oxidative stress. The body gets intoxicated, and different diseases can develop. Cancer is the most dangerous of them.

Oxidative Stress Theory of Aging

Developing cancer is an example of the pathological activity of free radicals, but there is another, kind of “normal” process caused by free radicals. It is aging. According to the free radical theory of aging, we age because of the accumulation of waste products and damage to healthy cells. Besides free radicals developed in our body, we also consume free radicals with food, from polluted air, and from different chemicals, which makes the oxidative stress even harder.

The Role of Antioxidants in Skin Care

Antioxidants stop chain reactions caused by free radicals. They give their electrons to free radicals but do not turn into them. Because of these properties, antioxidants are used in medicine, in diets, and skincare products.

Almost all care products contain antioxidants in one or another form. They ease the burden caused by environmental factors, improper diet, harmful habits, and natural aging.

In beauty products, the most frequently used antioxidants:



 Natural Antioxidants


The Most Common Questions about Under-Eye Skin Care Explained

The under-eye and around eye areas are the first to show aging signs. The earlier you start to take care of the skin around the eyes, the longer it will look young and fresh. As experts in the field of anti-aging, here we answer some common questions about eye skincare.

Why does the skin around the eyes age faster?

Can I use my daily facial cream instead of eye cream?

It depends … There is a popular belief on the Internet that special eye creams were invented by beauty product manufacturers to sell more items. We cannot agree with that, but, in some cases, you can use your facial cream for the eyes too.

If you have the same type of skin around your eyes and on the face, you can use a single product, but make sure to choose delicate cream with no perfume and aggressive add-ons. Normally, it works better with dry skin. But if you have oily skin on the face and dry skin under the eyes, it is not a good idea to have the same cream.

Another factor is whether your eye contour skin easily irritated. If it is, you are better using special eye cream.

Can I use UV-protectors in the area around the eyes?

Contrary to popular belief, you can use creams with UV-filters for eyes, but it should be the light formulation for sensitive skin or special eye cream with SPF.

How can I get rid of bags under the eye?

We might have puffiness under the eyes because of water retention. Here are some ways to get rid of those puffy bags that spoil your appearance:

And some home remedies:

Cream on the box of Happy Aging Body Cream

What All of Powerful Anti-aging Creams Contain

To choose the best Powerful Anti-aging Creams without losing your way in the enormous range of products might be a tough row to hoe. It seems like everyone offers the ultimate solution, but, in the event, it turns to be not much effective. So, how to find the real thing among well-marketed products and promotional gimmicks?

Indeed, it is easier than you think. All of the anti-aging creams that really work have a formula that targets three purposes:

And results much depend on how the composition of your cream serves these three purposes.


Well-hydrated skin keeps elasticity and resilience and looks smoother and younger. It also feels healthier as water helps skin get rid of toxins. Various hydrating agents can rehydrate your skin, but hydration alone works only on the surface level and has no restoration effect. So, it primarily contributes to the better appearance of skin and its ability to resist aging processes.

Tightening and Lifting of Powerful Anti-aging Creams

Many anti-aging creams and serums, especially those that promise immediate tightening effects, contain collagen-based components for penetration into deeper layers of skin and fillers that make your skin look better. It is a wide area and even experts cannot agree what is better. The modern vision is that extrinsic collagen has nothing to do with real skin renewal, as it is alien to the body and its molecules are too large to penetrate deeper into the skin, whilst amino acids and peptides are still in trend.

Deeper Rejuvenation

The latest innovations in anti-aging cosmetology are targeted to stimulate the natural production of components of the extracellular matrix, including collagen, elastin, and others.  Biomimetic peptides are able to penetrate to the deeper levels of skin and boost regeneration processes. They are normally used in combinations with other ingredients that help relax muscle contraction and make it easier for active agents to work.

If, when searching for the best solutions, you keep in mind these three pillars of anti-aging skincare, you can sort out cosmetic products for aging easier. The price is also something that people take into consideration to make their mind. But the truth is that the cream that helps is never cheap.

Many nice products make your skin fresher and younger looking, but it can be only a temporary improvement in appearance. To restore your skin on a deeper level, you need a formulation that has components acting on the cellular level.

In Search of Eternal Life: Rejuvenation Theories

The entire history of mankind is the persistent and desperate search of never-ending youth and eternal life. Have we succeeded? Not yet, but we have gone quite far on the way, and maybe we are just one pace away from immortality. Let’s look back to the unwinding spiral of human attempts to fight aging and death.

Ancient Rejuvenation Theories

Two major theories of ancient Greece were that aging is caused by the loss of fire element (heat) and water element (moist). The remedies ranged from reasonable ones to rather exotic.

Pythagoras diet. Ancient philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras believed that a special diet could prevent the loss of heat. His diet was low in calories and did not include meat. He thought digesting of meat takes too much energy and cause the body to lose heat.

Shunnamitism. Shunnamits believed that sleeping with young virgin girls can restore youth.

Keeping moisture. Applying oils and balms have used from ancient times until now for improving blood circulation and retaining moisture. These methods are still popular in modern cosmetology.

Rejuvenation with blood. Bathing in blood was known in antic times. Medea elixir included blood.

Transplantation and Vivisection in Rejuvenation Theories

Transplantation of monkey testicles to man, Serge Voronoff, France

Heterochronic parabiosis, Clive McCoy, USA: stitching old and young mice together to unite their blood flow. It was meant that the older mouse had to become younger.

Stem Cells

Stanford research, Weissman, Rando, USA

Stem cells in rejuvenation, Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology, Harvard

Stem cells are those cells that are able to divide. In cosmetology, stem cells of plants are used to restore exhausted and damaged skin.

Other Modern Rejevenuation Theories

Hormesis: Utilizing of intoxication, over-strengthening, low-dose radiation, and other shock impacts

Fasting and low-calorie diets

Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS), Aubrey de Grey: complete replacement of all damaged elements and cleaning all waste products.

Pharmacological imitation of low-calorie diet (rapamicin, metformin, spermine, etc.).

Geroprotectors (system medicines) and senolytics (elimination of senescent cells).

21st century reveals many promising anti-aging technologies. We are not immortal yet, but there is something to think about:

In the 18th century, life expectancy was 33-40 years in England and 41 years in Japan, and in 2017, it was 72.2 years at average all over the world (data.worldbank.org).

Dr. Aubrey de Grey insists that the man who is going to live 1000-year-long life has been born already.

Why Men Do Not Want to Use Skincare Products, and How to Convince Them

Traditionally, a woman is associated with beauty and a man with power. And this influence how men perceive skin care, as something feminine and, hence, improper. That’s spoiling, in a word. So if you want your partner use some skin products to look better or younger, but he ignores your request that may be because of one of these reasons:

  1. He never thought he needs one.

The word “skin” doesn’t exist in the Men’s Universe. They play other games and use other words. And men don’t have the same tactile sensitivity as women, so they might not understand the difference between the well-groomed skin and regular one.

So, it’s not like he thinks he is okay without it, but he just doesn’t see the matter. He never thought skincare for men exists.

  1. He thinks it’s not good for a man

It is another pair of shoes. This man is not that innocent, like the previous one, but he is ridden by prejudices. It sounds like “I’m not going to do that” with second thought “I’m not a girl”.

  1. He finds it’s expensive

This one is among the funniest things the man can say, but it’s highly common. He would buy a Lamborghini without batting an eye (of course, if he has enough money!) but says that $50-cream is expensive. And even more, it is expensive if he buys it for himself but for you is okay. And after that, he is who says something about a woman’s reason!

  1. He is attractive as he is

Man has something else to attract people, these are money, power, influence, his professionalism, his brain, and his skills. He doesn’t need cream.

  1. He is just lazy

Men doesn’t mind to try but is lazy to do. This should become an everyday habit, but why to bother?


For #1: Show him the way. Explain that skin is important, even for a man. And it is important for you when you touch it. And men are also growing older, and skin is not something that lasts forever, even if you are Bill Gates.

For #2: That is the tough one. He may resist. Explain to him it is for health and hygiene but not for beauty.

For #3. Say him about that Lamborghini (or what was his last great spending) and ask him to do that for you.

For #4. You may drop a hint that he is not right. And that guy from the TV show looks better because he takes care of his appearance. And how a man looks like is also a part of his success. In business, people also are attracted by healthy and good-looking individuals. That’s for his self-confidence.

For #5. That is the easiest one. Say that you’re going to help him to take care of his skin until it turns into a routine.

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