Media Standards Make You Want To Reduce Your Skin Pores

Tabloid covers, perfectly made using Photoshop, make celebrities think no pores and create media standards.  And you go crazy with smooth skin without a single pore.

Forget it is just a glamorous dream. And by the way, there is already another fashion trend: popular Instagram photographers publish more and more photos with natural looking faces, and they are not afraid to show rough texture and pores on the skin.

If you still remember this pore-free skin standard, you may have to know a few things.

You cannot remove skin pores or even make them smaller!

Never. The pores are natural, and they help lubricate your skin, serving as channels for the release of oil to the surface. And the oil is all right. Oil protects our skin from environmental factors.

There are several periods in our lives when pores become more visible.

Puberty and the period after it (12-25)

Young people often suffer from acne and excessive amounts of oil secreted by the glands, which is caused by hormonal processes in the body. Excess oil must be removed, so the pores become wider. During this period, young people should thoroughly clean their skin so that the oil does not block pores and does not cause acne. Masks for narrowing pores are recommended here, as pores that are expanded for a long time may no longer shrink after the end of this complex hormonal period.

Pore ​​enlargement at the age of 35-40 years

At this age, enlarged pores are signs that your skin is starting to age. It loses elasticity, becomes thinner and friable, and pores are found. They simply open, because the skin is not as dense as before. And at this point, it’s useless to do anything with pores alone: ​​all you can do is help your skin resist aging and stay fresh, fit and more supple. You must fight for sustainability. Soft chemical peels can succeed.

Thus, your daily skin care, including cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing, would rather help than products to minimize pores. When the skin is healthy, the pores also appear smaller. Excessive pore-reducing foods that commonly extract oil can make your skin dry.

oily pores and on the surface a young Asian man does not care for facial skin for a long time

How pore narrowing products work

If a product claims to erase or reduce pores, this is not true. It can only make them seem smaller. So, we are talking about pore minimizers. They can be divided into:

  • Cleaning products to exfoliate dead cells and remove excess oil.
  • Tightening agents aimed at skin elasticity. They do not constrict the pores, but the skin around them and usually contain substances traditionally used in anti-aging agents, such as retinol and acids.
  • Fillers that make the pores appear smoother as they work like putty.

The latter can give only a visual effect, while the first two are pore minimizers only by name: they are just like many other skin care products! Thus, we see no reason to have a special solution to minimize pores.


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