Active Cream for Men


NEW PERCEPTION Active Cream for Men: Enhanced Skin Health and Vitality for a Brighter, Energized Complexion

ACTIVE CREAM is a pure skin improvement aid and clarifying agent.

It refines tired or worn skin areas and soothes irritated or rough, dry skin surfaces.

It also guards sensitive skin against damage from harsh or toxic substances in the environment.

Its pure, versatile ingredients initiate skin regeneration processes and help to prevent the onset of aging processes of skin tissues.

This light, fast-absorbing cream gives your skin a renewed, refreshed appearance and feeling.

It smooths skin surfaces while promoting greater rates of new skin cell growth.

Ingredients of this formula also support vital synthesis of your skin’s own natural collagen levels for firmer, brighter and healthier skin.

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Bottle woth box of Active cream for man
Active Cream for Men


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