Active Skin Energizing Cream


This highly effective ACTIVE ENERGY SKIN CREAM is designed for daytime use and restores, revitalizes and improves facial skin tissue.

Along with nutritional ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid (thiotic acid), dimethylaminoethanol (dimethyl MEA-lactate) and coenzyme Q-10, this unique formula contains the powerful Easyliance® complex as an excellent superior product to enhance skin elasticity and improved smoothness ,

The component of the beneficial complex Alistin® contains powerful antioxidants that block the oxidation of harmful membrane skin cells, which leads to a neutral effect of toxic effects of certain compounds found in the tissues of skin cells.

Alistin® also converts to collagen during the transglication process and helps to suppress the effects of skin aging.

A component of the Aquaderm® SP formula is to moisturize the skin using a natural moisturizing skin factor (NMF).

Matrixyl ™ 3000 complex combines with specific receptors of skin cells to activate the formation of extracellular matrix components, the disappearance of facial wrinkles, increase the level and elasticity of the skin, and also thicken the epidermis to increase elasticity and improve skin quality.

You will enjoy the young radiant light that gets your skin with regular use of this highly effective energy cream.

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Active Skin Energizing Cream


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