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Anti Aging Body Cream

Happy Aging

Body Cream AGING : Happy Aging Body Cream offers a delicious aroma and velvet-smooth, elegant skin

HAPPY AGING BODY CREAM is a fragrant, luxurious body cream with an irresistible, seductive aroma and an atmosphere.

This exciting and nutritious emollient component contains endorphins, “happy hormones” to provide you with absolute luxury, relaxation and enjoyment.

The satin smooth texture allows this luxurious cream to be easily applied to dry or rough skin to soften and renew its surfaces and additional layers.

Convenient high absorption rate of this cream makes a silky smooth surface of the skin without traces of heavy residues.

This nutrient-rich elegant cream gives your skin extravagant luxury, while at the same time completely relaxing and greatly improving the beauty and radiance of your skin.

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  • product description

    Active ingredients of the formula

    The active ingredients of CLEANSING MILK PLEASURE
    include the following pure and firming substances:Milk box for women:


    This main ingredient cleanses, softens and moisturizes
    skin tissue. It penetrates several layers of the skin in order to completely
    and evenly cleanse the skin, while moisturizing and making it elastic. Its
    combined advantages as a mild but thorough skin cleanser and a highly
    effective emollient make it extremely useful for restoring and revitalizing
    skin cells, as it cleanses, brightens and smoothes skin surfaces. This pure
    ingredient is also very active in balancing and brightening skin tones,
    giving your face, neck and décolleté skin a new vitality.


    This component of the formula reduces inflammation and
    redness as a result of tension and stress. Soothes any areas of red or rough
    skin caused by dryness or exposure to extreme climatic temperatures or
    severe weather conditions. This ingredient is also useful for healing tanned
    or weathered skin and helps replenish and balance natural skin oils.


    This product ingredient strengthens the lipid barrier,
    as it moisturizes the skin for a long time. As a gentle, soothing emollient,
    it nourishes new skin cells, renewing old skin tissue. Evenly moisturizing,
    it slightly saturates the skin layers, helping to soften and tighten dry or
    sagging skin for fuller, younger-looking skin surfaces. Because it
    strengthens the skin’s external protective barrier, it also supports the
    skin’s ability to maintain this healthy barrier. This ingredient also helps
    maintain a good level of hydration by preventing loss of moisture from the
    surface of the skin.


    This component of the formula soothes and softens the
    skin, making it more elastic and youthful. It also helps soften any
    discoloration of the skin surface by reducing dark or red spots or spots.
    The component is evenly absorbed into the layers of the skin. In addition,
    this ingredient also helps maintain a healthy level of moisture under the
    skin of the face and neck.

    Vitamin E

    This versatile anti-aging component protects from
    sunlight and accelerates the regeneration of skin cells. It acts as a
    healing agent for worn or damaged skin tissues, while wrinkles and fine
    lines that appear on the delicate skin surrounding the eyes and mouth and
    under the chin disappear Open Bottle of Clensing Milk for Women. This pure
    vitamin has multiple anabolic, or healing, and restorative properties for
    renewing and brightening the skin. It can also significantly improve skin
    elasticity, resulting in denser pores and smoother, more radiant skin

  • Anti-Aging Body Cream

    Anti Aging Body Cream is a wonderful, luxurious body cream that has an intimate, seductive and intense aroma with an atmosphere of intrigue.

    With a velvety texture, this cream glides easily on the skin, softening and improving it. Although it is quickly absorbed, the skin remains smooth, cool and without any hint of residue or stickiness. This unique cream gives your skin a look and feel of devotion and luxury. It also creates a mood of complete relaxation and satisfaction.

    Recommended Directions for Use

    This elegant, extravagant and very beneficial skin cream should be applied to clean and dry skin. But after cleansing and massage firmly into the skin, to ensure quick and complete absorption for best results.

    Massaging this soothing cream will provide its deep absorption levels to renew and improve several layers of skin tissue.


    Active ingredients of the formula

    Happy Aging Body Cream Box



    This luxurious component of the skin cream formula has endorphin-like activity and has the ability to stimulate the activity of opioid receptors.

    While it strengthens and strengthens the elasticity of the skin, it also thickens and strengthens the density of skin tissues.

    By tightening the pores of the skin and improving the contours and surfaces of the skin, this ingredient improves the beauty and youth of your skin.



    This component of the formula smoothes, relaxes and softens the skin tissue, moisturizing the layers of the skin and acting as an emollient.

    It contains nutrients that nourish the skin, improving its quality and appearance. Panthenol can also protect your skin from certain irritations and inflammations and will help heal cuts and scratches without leaving a scar.

    This ingredient will also help fade any existing scars or spots that are visible on the surface of the skin. This pure, cream enriching component of the formula works closely with other natural ingredients, creating a completely new, vibrant look and atmosphere for your skin.


    About Cream

    Cream on a box Happy Aging Body Cream


    Along with all other luxurious skincare products from the AGE REBEL collection, Happy Aging Body Cream is specially formulated to nourish and improve the quality of the skin of women aged 45 years and older.

    He successfully fights against potentially damaging environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, the effects of climate change, and environmental pollution from factories and vehicles that damage air quality. This cosmetic product very useful for smoothing out various skin tones and reducing or even eliminating skin discoloration or dark spots.

    This amazing cream is also able to protect the skin from prolonged negative effects caused by time spent in poorly ventilated offices, factories, schools, homes or airplanes.

    This product has the ability to restore and maintain natural production. Moreover, it can restore skin tissue, helping to reduce the skin aging process and its consequences.

    When the skin is renewed, refreshed and nourished with healthy nutrients, it radiates a radiant appearance and a fresh sensation of energy and vitality of the newborn.

    This cream can improve skin tone, color and elasticity, fully revitalize. As a result, well-groomed skin can often look as young and fresh as naturally young skin.

    Since skin cells are elastic and respond well to nourishing, regenerating and regenerating substances and processes, your skin can look and feel as young as ever, if you give it the opportunity and care to make it flourish and shine.


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    Angela V. Richardson

    Another FANTASTIC product from Shor Cosmetics. Now that I’m in my 50’s I try to keep my “crepey” skin in check and this product is by far the best I have found anywhere. It agrees with my sensitive skin and after two days I can already see a difference in how my skin looks and feels. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for healthier and happier skin!!

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    Kathryn L. Horace

    I LOVE this product! I started aging when I wasn’t looking and started getting the “crepey” skin. I ordered this right away, use it everyday and my hands and arms look and feel so much more healthier!. Even my nails have gotten long and stronger. I will definitely be ordering this product again. I keep one on my night table and another on my end table and use it regularly, I’m just so thankful a friend of mine referred me to Diva Stuff! There’s just so many products to try but this one is my favorite so far! Thank you

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    Marilyn S. Brown

    I turn 50 this month, and my overall skin is becoming more difficult to keep soft and supple. This product is the only moisturizers, scrubs or washes to make a significant difference in texture and moisture retention. I am using the cream on my chest, neck, arms and back.Love, love, love this product!

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