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Bust&Decollete Firming Cream

Age Rebel

Bust & Décolleté FIRMING CREAM: For Healthy Restoration of Physical and Aesthetic Forms and Shapes

This special skin firming formula is designed to improve the décolleté form and condition.

It also supports good breast regeneration and renewal following breast-feeding, weight reduction, dietary changes and participation in strenuous sports activity.

This firming cream is also known to be very helpful for correcting aging and skin sagging effects in the chest and bust areas.

Without using hormones, this active product restores attractive, physical curves, shapes, volume and elasticity to the breast and chest areas.

A more attractive appearance is ensured with regular use of this blend of four innovative fibro actives.

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  • Bust&Decollete Firming Cream

    This Bust&Decollete Firming Cream is recommended for use as an enhancer of the décolleté form and condition. It also assists with healthy breast regeneration after breast-feeding, loss of weight, eating a restricted diet and participating in active sports.

    Moreover This firming cream is also highly effective for correcting aging sand skin stretching effects of the chest and bust areas.

    Without use of hormones, this healthy product restores attractive, natural curves, volume and elasticity to the breasts.

    A more aesthetically pleasing appearance is guaranteed with use of this combination of four innovative fibro actives.


    Recommended Directions for Use

    This specialized firming cream formula for the bust and décolleté should applied evenly and smoothly on skin surfaces.

    It should massaged gently into skin tissues so that it absorbs evenly and thoroughly for best reshaping and skin quality improvements.


    Active Formula Ingredients

    • VolufilineTM

    This modern ingredient works to repair, build and enhance skin volume, shape, form and tissues without use of hormones.

    It contains Anemarrhenae Asphodeloides root extract.

    In addition This powerful extract activates adipocytes successfully, which are cells that form the primary components of fat tissues.


    • CalmosensineTM

      Bust & decollete Firming Cream Box


    This ingredient activates synthesis of the “comfort molecules,” endorphins and enkephalins. Endorphins act to stimulate the cells that battle against early signs of aging: light wrinkles, unbalanced skin tones and skin


    As the first signs of wrinkles are smoothed and alleviated, the skin regains its brightness.

    • Bio-BustylTM

    Firstly This modern ingredient is the result of peptide synthesis and biotechnology processes.

    It activates the formation of elastin and collagen to offer uplifting effects of skin in the décolleté area.

    Moreover It stimulates exchange processes within skin cells and greatly enhances your skin’s capacity for breathing. It also reproduces the structure of collagen and elastin in the derma.


    • Soy protein (complex Bio-BustylTM)

    This pure phytoestrogen influences aging factors of the skin.

    It strengthens the skin matrix while enhancing tonus and turgor.

    It also reduces visible manifestations of the aging process.


    • Phytobioactive KigelineTM

    This ingredient has a maximum concentration of pure, active ingredients, including healthy saponins and phytosterols that raise the skin’s collagen levels and help the skin tissues retain moisture and valuable hyaluronic acid for improved skin quality.

    These substances help prevent sagging, dull skin as well.


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