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Energizing Tonic For Women

Age Rebel

Energizing Tonic: Special Formula for Reducing Skin Wrinkles and Delaying or Impeding the Aging Process

With key skin improvement and empowering components like CalmosensineTM, an anti-wrinkle peptide and Argireline, which relaxes muscle contractions and reduces wrinkle formation, this unique Energizing Tonic rejuvenates important skin qualities, which can successfully delay and impede the aging process.

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  • Energizing Tonic For Women

    This Energizing Tonic For Women combines specialized components for revitalization of valuable skin qualities such as hydration and regeneration.

    With excellent hydration of skin tissue layers, your skin will stay vital, smooth and firm. With good rates of cellular regeneration, any aging or damaged skin areas will be repaired and renewed to optimal quality and form . When the epidermal stem cells are strengthening and energizing, the aging process can be effectively delayed and inhibited .


    Recommended Directions for Use

    This unique Energizing Tonic should apply smoothly and evenly to skin for healthy, beneficial and equalized results in reducing and delaying the aging processes of skin tissues.


    Active Formula Ingredients

    • CalmosensineTM

    This component contains the biomimetic peptide lipo-arginyl-tyrosine.

    Moreover anti-wrinkle peptide is highly effective in preventing the formation of skin folds.

    Consequently It is apply externally as an alternative treatment for Botulinum Toxin A.

    It effectively relaxes muscular contractions to reduce mimetic wrinkles dramatically.


    • Argireline

    This ingredient relaxes muscle contractions and reduces wrinkle formation, and it has the capacity to penetrate the basal layer of the epidermis all the way to the endings of nerve terminals.

    Here, it can relax muscle contractions to eliminate the primary cause of wrinkle formations.

    In addition substance is especially effective when appling to the forehead, corners of the eyes and to skin surrounding the mouth.

    Skin enhancement products based on acetyl hexapeptide are safe biological cosmetic products that used as an alternative to Botox injections.

    Box with the bottle of Energizing Tonic For Women

    The single difference between acetyl hexapeptide and Botox is that hexapeptide slows conductivity of nerve impulses for gentle muscle relaxation.

    However, botulotoxin (Botox) stops this conductivity of nervous impulses between cells and can affect expressions of the face.


    • Cornflower ExtractTM

    This health-enhancing extract has been used as a healing agent since ancient times.

    Aristotle wrote about is special qualities and capacities.

    It can reduce blood flow, aiding in the reduction of stress effects on skin after exposure to harsh weather conditions, UV radiation and sudden drops in atmospheric temperatures.

    Cornflower extract contains tannins, ascorbic acid and carotene.

    It has definite regenerative effects on skin while reducing irritations, wrinkles and puffiness.

    It can also control the secretions of skin glands, aiding in skin pore reduction.


    • Akomplex MoistTM

    This substance contains Fenugreek seeds, which are rich in proteins, choline, saponins, alkloid trigonelline nicotine acid and fat butter.

    It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant and a promoter of improved skin moisture and elasticity.

    Furthermore This substance is a helpful ingredient is cosmetic products formulated to treat and enhance problematic skin types and issues.


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