Why Men Do Not Want to Use Skincare Products, and How to Convince Them

Traditionally, a woman is associated with beauty and a man with power. And this influence how men perceive skin care, as something feminine and, hence, improper. That’s spoiling, in a word. So if you want your partner use some skin products to look better or younger, but he ignores your request that may be because of one of these reasons:

  1. He never thought he needs one.

The word “skin” doesn’t exist in the Men’s Universe. They play other games and use other words. And men don’t have the same tactile sensitivity as women, so they might not understand the difference between the well-groomed skin and regular one.

So, it’s not like he thinks he is okay without it, but he just doesn’t see the matter. He never thought skincare for men exists.

  1. He thinks it’s not good for a man

It is another pair of shoes. This man is not that innocent, like the previous one, but he is ridden by prejudices. It sounds like “I’m not going to do that” with second thought “I’m not a girl”.

  1. He finds it’s expensive

This one is among the funniest things the man can say, but it’s highly common. He would buy a Lamborghini without batting an eye (of course, if he has enough money!) but says that $50-cream is expensive. And even more, it is expensive if he buys it for himself but for you is okay. And after that, he is who says something about a woman’s reason!

  1. He is attractive as he is

Man has something else to attract people, these are money, power, influence, his professionalism, his brain, and his skills. He doesn’t need cream.

  1. He is just lazy

Men doesn’t mind to try but is lazy to do. This should become an everyday habit, but why to bother?


For #1: Show him the way. Explain that skin is important, even for a man. And it is important for you when you touch it. And men are also growing older, and skin is not something that lasts forever, even if you are Bill Gates.

For #2: That is the tough one. He may resist. Explain to him it is for health and hygiene but not for beauty.

For #3. Say him about that Lamborghini (or what was his last great spending) and ask him to do that for you.

For #4. You may drop a hint that he is not right. And that guy from the TV show looks better because he takes care of his appearance. And how a man looks like is also a part of his success. In business, people also are attracted by healthy and good-looking individuals. That’s for his self-confidence.

For #5. That is the easiest one. Say that you’re going to help him to take care of his skin until it turns into a routine.


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